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SOLЯRIS came into the world in the town of Krasnoznamensk (Moscow region) in 1999. When Alexander was studying at school he was fascinated by the music of a Seattle grunge-band NIRVANA and other musicians of the same direction. By the end of the 11th form of a secondary school he decided to become a musician himself. His schoolmate Denis Karpenya who was just learning to play the bass-guitar supported his idea and together they started looking for the rest members of their band.
By chance Alexander got acquainted with Pavel Bekhtemirov (who later changed his surname to Kretts), a guitar player, who told him that he had a friend, Vitaliy Vishkvartsev, who was a drummer. Thus, the guys decided to form a music band and essay their powers.
Their first rehearsal took place outside, right in one of the Krasnoznamensk’s yards. Alexander and Pavel were playing their acoustic guitars which were called "fire wood" for their quality, Vitaliy was beating the pioneer drum while Denis was riding his bicycle around the young hopefuls and soaking the atmosphere as far as he did not have an acoustic bass-guitar but only an electric one made by a manufacturer "Ural" famous for its "fire wood" products.
September 4th, 1999 is considered to be the day of birth of SOLЯRIS. There was a number of versions how to name the band: The Fists, Endless Nameless, Slivers and others. However the choice was made in favour of SOLARIS as it sounds both beautiful and clear in all languages. Later its letter form was changed and the name appeared in its final version - SOLЯRIS.
As many other beginner bands this band was writing their music, forming and developing in a garage. At first it was the first floor of Denis’ father’s garage, later they moved to a garage of Pavel’s parents. But it was too cold to stay in Pavel’s garage in winter so for cold seasons the guys preferred a rehearsal room of the Krasnoznamensk Youth Center.
The first concert of SOLЯRIS should have taken place on the central square of Krasnoznamensk on the Town’s Day but it was canceled as in a few days before the event there had been a series of explosions on Guryanova Street in Moscow, in Volgodonsk and Buynaksk. So the authorities of the town decided to put off the celebrations for reason of safety. Actually their first concert took place on November 3, 1999 in the House of Officers. It was a kind of school holiday and the band was performing in front of Pavel’s schoolmates.
By now the band has played almost in all Moscow clubs, in many clubs of the Moscow region and in some other Russian cities and they keep on gaining attention of more and more music admirers. SOLЯRIS took part in different competitions, open airs, festivals. They warmed up PIKNIK on December 7, 2005 and played on one stage with CHYORNIY COFE on April 21, 2006 (these are two quite famous Russian bands).
The song “Seriy Den” (“Grey Day”) was released in 2001 on a collection CD “PUNK-REVOLUTION 13” and the composition “Sumerki” (“Twilight”) was included into a grunge collection CD “S gryaznikh beregov Uvodi” (“From the Muddy Banks of the Uvod”) in September of 2007.
Presently the members of the band are as follows:
Alexander Gertsen — leader, mastermind, rhythm guitarist, vocalist and song writer.
Dmitriy Dobrokhotov — very precise and steady drummer even in a floating condition.
Mikhail Khoroshilov - bass guitarist, just good bass guitarist.
Former musicians of SOLЯRIS:

  • Vitaliy Vishkvartsev (drums)
  • Pavel Bekhtemirov (Kretts) (guitar, drums)
  • Egor Shulga (guitar)
  • Denis Karpenya (bass guitar)
  • Alexander Filatov (drums)
  • Maxim Eleseev (drums)
  • Vladislav Berestenko (solo-guitar)
  • Anton Lemtyugin (violin)
  • Nikolay Lysak (solo-guitar)
  • Yuriy Samsonov (bass guitar)

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