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"They are carrying a note of sadness. Sorrow and despair are breaking through the roar and groaning of the guitars, through the pulsebeat of the drums. But their music does not call you for depression, it makes you fight. It inspires you and gives you powers to struggle for life. Listen and each of you will hear. Search and each of you will find. They play your soul’s strings producing the sounds of your spirits". – Praskovya


Single - "Listen to Your Scream"


Zadokhnutsya (Suffocate) (12.7 MB, 320 Kbps, studio recording) - 2016

Vniz (Going Down) (15.8 MB, 320 Kbps, studio recording) - 2016






Terni (Thorns) (16.30 MB, 128 Kbps, studio recording) - 2011

Sotri Menya (Rub me Out) (6.00 MB, 128 Kbps, studio recording) - 2008



Sumerki (Twilight) (8.64 MB, 320 Kbps, homemade)


Mezhdu Strok (Between the Lines) (9.20 MB, 320 Kbps, homemade)


Razdavlenny (Crashed) (6.29 MB, 320 Kbps, homemade)


Ya Umer Vchera (I Died Yesterday)(14.4 MB, 320 Kbps, homemade)


Dear friends, we offer you to take part in the release of new tracks of SOLЯRIS.
In our turn we will post our recorded songs on this page of our website absolutely free.
We would like to express our gratitude to the most active fans who already took part in the recordings of Sotri Menya and Terni. They are Ekaterina Bakhromkina and Svetlana Skilova. We are also grateful to other worshipers of our work who made their contributions.

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